Children in the SCA

Children are very welcome!

Meetings and classes

Feel free to bring the entire family to any of our meetings and classes. We only ask that you keep an eye on your little ones and do your best to help them participate.


There are often children's activities available throughout the day, BUT they are not a baby-sitting service and will not watch your child all day. Please keep an eye on your child and be aware of their location at all times (for safety reasons). Young children are often fascinated by the fighting and should be instructed to stay away from the lyst fields without your accompaniment. You should also teach them what "HOLD" means.

Children should be dressed in layers of clothing, using sturdy, washable fabrics. Simple "T" Tunics work well and can be worn over sweat pants or jeans in cooler weather and with or without shorts in warmer weather. You can check with the Hospitaller for loaner garb. Please take into account your child's eating habits and ability to sit through long meals at table when planning on eating feast.

Remember, children should follow the same rules of courtesy as adults.

Visit our Minister of Youth page for more details.