Things You Should Know

Courtesy in the Current Middle Ages

The SCA strives to reproduce and recreate the best aspects of the middle ages and renaissance, especially the ideals of courtesy, chivalry and personal honor. We treat each other with kindness and respect, and value honorable action and service.


We address one another as "My Lord" or "My Lady." If someone holds a higher title they may gently correct you and tell you their title. When someone wearing a crown walks past, it's polite to bow your head or give a small curtsy. The King and Queen are addressed as "Your Majesty", the Prince and Princess as "Your Highness", and The Baron and Baroness as "Your Excellency,". If you are unsure how to address someone, just ask.

Commonly Used Terms

Garb: Medieval / Renaissance Clothing worn at events.

Period: Any point in time between the year 600 CE to 1600 CE, the time frame that the SCA operates within.

Persona: A character that might have lived in the SCA period that a member pretends to be at events; personas can be very simple or quite complex, it's up to the person.

Troll or Gate: The place when you check in at an event and fill out your NCR forms.

Reservations: The place at events where you pay any monies due and receive your site token. (It is required that everyone check in at ALL events)

Day Tripping: Not camping overnight, may or may not be eating feast.

HOLD!: Call of the Marshalls for everyone to stop. Failure to do so may result in someone being injured.

Feast: Dinner, usually served in the feast hall at events. There is a separate fee and space is limited. Dishes and utensils are not provided.